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This is the official blog for freelance writer – Kasie Bolling – and is designed to celebrate the sweet, the sorrowful and the scary times in life.  Thus the dubious title of “Moon Pies, White Lies and The View From The Edge of the High Dive”.  We all have our happy stories to tell, we all have our regrets and we all live with an innate fear of “the unknown”.  Within these pages, the reader will find an honest and often humorous approach to life through my eyes.

I am a freelance copywriter and aspiring novelist living in the deep South.  A blissfully married mother of two very girly girls, I am also the doting human to one dog and two cats.  My great love affair with the written word began farther back than my memory can venture.  I can recall my grandmother spinning yarns while I sat on her knee – and I ache that we never wrote them all down before she died.  A latchkey kid with a penchant for daydreaming, I could often be found under the boughs of a tree – tattered paperback in hand – or deep within the recesses of my closet holding a flashlight in one hand and book in the other. I hope to one day be responsible for a sleepless night or two, as a reader of my “yet to be completed” first novel just can’t put it down.  There’s a certain joy, though, in the inbetween.  The time spent imagining your story and watching it unfold – and the time that you bring your story to the masses (and live in fear of rejection).  Meanwhile, I’m proud to be “living the dream” and counting my blessings everyday.  I find great delight in spinning yarns to my little girls and engendering a love of reading and writing in them.  My husband and I encourage imagination and creativity in their lives, as well as our own.

This blog is more for me than it is for my readers, although I hope you enjoy what you find here.  I used to keep a journal, which I often found extremely cathartic, but it was for my eyes only and was tedious at times (because I knew it was for my eyes only).  Old fashioned by nature, the entire concept of “blogging” is foreign to me.  However, after several suggestions by friends and colleagues, I am stepping outside of the box to share my views, thoughts and stories with you.  Thank you for reading!

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